Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My first blog

well welcome to my first off many blogs. i feel i have a lot to say that the world needs to hear, well come to think of it not really but im going to say it anyway.

ok for my first blog we should talk about something serious, something everyone is thinking but never say so here i go.

Talent VS Looks Not Talent and Looks

I'm angry because its not fair you should have both...... why should you get the cake and eat it...... but saying that if i did get a cake i would probably eat it too, i mean im not just going to sit there with a delicious cake and let it go to waste. there is children starving out there which i hate (thanks gervais)
ok prime example

Cristiano Ronaldo

i have no problem you want to be the world's greatest soccer player. more power to you. but i do start having a problem when you look like that aswell. come on man i want to get a date at some point!!!! you should share the gifts around more like this man

Frank Ribery

now that is more like it. one of the best soccer players in the world but he starts to make me look like brad pitt. so yes ladies you can date him because he is great at soccer but at least he is giving us a chance. its a lose lose against ronaldo.

Another great example,as everyone should know i love acting. I like to think with enough luck i can make it and you are probably saying stop saying luck be positive. but luck is exactly what i need if i have to go up against people like this.

Zac Efron

Why? why god do you do this? ok he can be good looking thank god he is a crap actor..... what he isnt.......well thank god he cant dance..... really he can, play intrusments? thought so he can probably walk on water aswell.
so if me and good old zac went in for an audition it would probably go a little something like this

producer" thanks zac for coming in so great to see you"
zac "no problem guys you know i love working with you all"
producer"so when can we start shooting we will ring your?
Elliott "hmmm excuse me um im also hear aswell
producer "yeah i saw you we dont need any coffee thanks, just close the door behind you"
Elliott " im actully hear to read for the role to......."
producer " oh joel sorry i didnt reckonise you"
Elliott "im not joel im elli...."
Produce " still as funny as every joel, loved avatar"
(Joel moore)
Elliott "again i think you are confusing me"
Producer "yeah yeah i hear you but the thing is joel we are not really going for funny looking in this one if you know what i mean"

i think we get the idea. so please big man upstairs can you start spreading the gifts out just a little bit more even.

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