Sunday, February 7, 2010

The life long question

So the time has come for another blog and i know you are excited. Actully i dont know but i am hoping. So i bet you are wondering what am i going to talk about next? Wait no longer i will tell you now

Womens obsession with musicians


What do singers, lead guitarists, bass players and drummers all have in common besides all having long hair and wearing eye makeup? drum roll please................They get the women.
It has come to my attention that you can be a self centered arrogant bastard that you wouldnt look twice at if he past you on the street, but as soon as he picks up a guitar and starts playing wonderwall girls knee's start to buckle.
It seems to me that in todays world that every man and his dog can play an instrument, so thinking about it aren't you more unique and original if you dont play anything at all? so my question to you is why isnt this guy getting all the women

Is this not art? Is this not original and creative..............who am i kidding i cant beat them so i will join them.

To all those none musically talented people out there lets jump on board of this craze. so lets pick up our tambourines and triangles (have to start somewhere) and start writting songs about how the world is going bad and it makes us sad (see rhyming already).

so instruments........check, eye liner.........check, myspace band page.........check. next stop womensvill population musicians.

Joel..... i mean Elliott signing out

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