Friday, February 12, 2010

The dreaded zone

there is one worse zone then being a married women around tiger woods and that is

The friend Zone
now this is a subject i have mastered in so much i wrote a book called "Friend Zone King". It wasn't received well except for north korea they couldn't get enough of it. now i talk for every guy who has ever liked a girl and had to hear these killer words "you are such a good friend". I dont know about you but i am damn hoping she is talking about a friend she finds dead sexy and wants to make out loads with. But in my experience that is never the case.

i like how people say friendship is the first step to a healthy relationship. yeah thats great but wait to long and before you know it they are coming over to your house to watch ps. i love you while snuggle up with you, talking about CHUCK a guy in there uni class they are madly in love with. at that point the chance of you dating that girl is the same as Mario making his jump
my favorite one personally is "you are like the brother i never had". unless you live in Utah that means you are destined to hear about every man that breaks her heart, every jerk that doesn't call her back. every wank that didn't pay for the movie.
so i have learnt recently from my good friend John Travolta in grease. If you treat the girl mean and grease you hair up she will change for you. So bring on my leather jacket and hair comb and those summer nights.

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